Weitz & Iowa Fertilizer Plant (IFCO)

A billion dollar investment in Iowa, Lee County, is beginning to take shape as Orascom / OCI has started the build of its new fertilizer plant complex.

One of the important steps is contracting local companies and they are helping to grow the local economy.

When the construction project is at full height there will be close to 2.500 construction workers/technicians present on the IFCO site, which has called one of the largest fertilizer plants in the U.S.

Full service general contractor firm Weitz, also having office in Des Moines, Iowa, is one of the main parties involved in this project.

To inform the local and the worldwide fertilizer community Weitz has set-up a dual camera system showing the progress of the IFCO project in Iowa.

Please click on the picture to follow the progress on Weitz’s website. Pictures below are taken on October 8th 2013

Weitz IFCO build