Fertilizer Recruitment & Services has an excellent track-record in process & chemical recruitment. Our practice is well supported by our consultants who are highly experienced in recruiting for senior positions including chair, chief executive, non-executive and director-level roles. We also have a proven expertise in recruiting high-standard professionals for technical/specialist and middle management roles.

As genuine recruitment specialists in the fertilizer industry, our consultants have an indepth professional network that worldwide spans a diverse range of fertilizer manufacturers, technology licensors, process equipment manufacturers, maintenance/turnaround service providers as other supporting companies.

The Fertilizer Recruitment & Services head-office is located nearby Maastricht, Eindhoven, Aachen, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Brussels and Antwerp and can be reached via multiple nearby airports. We also support/offer home-office for our employees not working at the head-office. From our headquarters we offer our Headhunting & Single Position Recruitment throughout the entire world.

We have successfully fulfilled positions in the following regions:


  • Europe: Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Greece, UK
  • Middle East: Egypt, Iran, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia
  • South Asia: India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam
  • Africa: Libya, Morocco, Algeria, South Africa, Ivory Coast
  • North America: United States, Canada
  • South America: Trinidad & Tobago, Brazil, Argentina
  • Australia