At Fertilizer Recruitment & Services we offer Headhunting & Single Position Recruitment and Projects & Operations Services.

The main differences are that Projects & Operation Services is tailormade towards large volume and/or operational positions. These services are often offered during plant erection/construction or during startups and/or training periodes.

Fertilizer Recruitment & Services first assignment was a high volume recruitment project in Algeria. Our client erected a new urea/ammonia complex and was in need for experienced operational personnel like process operators, shift supervisors and production manager, all with experience in the specific process technology being used in the new plant complex.

In several weeks we approached and contacted our network and compiled lists of suitable candidates (based on resume desk search) and discussed the available positions and project specifics with the approved candidates during several telephone ans video conferences. Our client arranged the final interviews and arranged visum, workpermits and labourcontracts.

Many high volume recruitment projects followed in the last 6-7 years for clients in Australia, Netherlands, USA, Middle East and Northern-Africa.

We also deployed several specialists during startups and training periodes at our clients so their own personnel was trained by industry specialists in specific procedures, technologies and equipment.

Both Projects and Operation Services can be fulfilled with secondment/interim or contract with client as option.