Who is Who: Solex Thermal Science

Solex Thermal Science Inc. is a privately held company specializing in the science of heating, cooling and drying bulk solids. Founded under the name Bulkflow Technologies in 1999, Solex Thermal Science has installed more than 400 heat exchangers in more than 43 countries world wide.

Solex’s heater, cooler and dryer technologies are designed specifically for use with free flowing bulk solids, such as sugar, fertilizer, chemicals, plastics, biosolids, minerals, and many other types of grains, crystals and powders. The original cooler technology was invented more than twenty years ago, and acquired by Solex in 1999. Solex’s technologies are subject to patents and patent applications in various jurisdictions around the world.

The company’s strength is in the rich knowledge and experience of its people. Expert staff are located internationally to provide worldwide sales and technical support to customers.

Solex has hundreds of heat exchangers installed in more than 43 countries in fertilizer cooling applications. Not only does Solex technology use up to 90% less energy while cooling fertilizer, but it offers other significant process benefits as well. Solex has been involved in fertilizer cooling applications world-wide for more than 20 years, and has a team of experts capable of handling the most difficult fertilizer cooling challenges.

Solex indirect plate heat exchange technology provides slow and controlled movement of the fertilizer through the cooler, preventing product abrasion and degradation. And, since air is not used directly to cool the fertilizer, the risk of product moisture content changes and contamination is eliminated. Emissions and dust are also eliminated and installation costs are minimized due to the removal of unnecessary air handling equipment.

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