Who is Who: Engro Fertilizers Limited

Engro Fertilizers Limited, a wholly owned Engro subsidiary, is a premier fertilizer manufacturing and marketing company with products that focus on balanced crop nutrition and increased yield. The company markets primary and secondary fertilizers like Engro Urea, Engro DAP, Engro Zorawar, Engro Zarkhez and Zingro.

Engro Fertilizers has successfully developed a loyal customer base all across Pakistan, not only by providing farmers with quality fertilizers, but also through extensive market development activities. A premier brand and nationwide presence of the company ensures sellout production. Additionally, the company sells phosphate fertilizers for balanced fertility and improved farm yields. Engro’s share of Pakistan’s phosphates market mirrors or exceeds its urea market share.

In 2010, the company achieved mechanical completion and started trial production of its urea expansion project at Daharki which is the world’s largest single train urea-ammonia plant. It is the largest private sector industrial investment in Pakistan.

Engo is, besides their excellent business operation, well known for the ethical and sustainable way they are committed to invest in host communities, as well as mitigate their environmental footprint. A large volume of projects are released to enhance the community and society. For more information visit Engro foundation

For more information regarding engro fertilizers please visit them at www.engrofertilizers.com