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Urea Casale acquires melamine technology from Borealis

Urea Casale, the global leader in the design and refurbishment of urea plants, announced today the acquisition of the melamine high pressure technology and of the newly developed super high pressure technology and all related intellectual property rights from BOREALIS, a leading provider in the fields of polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilizers. Borealis produces melamine at two sites in Linz, Austria and Piesteritz, Germany. These sites will be not affected by the sale.

“The divestment follows an earlier strategic decision by the company to focus on the melamine business and production, and to exit the melamine licensing activity. Engineering and technology providers in the Nitrogen industry can leverage their business activities by adding this leading technology into their portfolio,” said Markku Korvenranta, Executive Vice President Base Chemicals, Borealis, in a press release.

“Thanks to its strong synergy with the urea process, the melamine technology fits perfectly into Casale’s portfolio of process technologies,” said Giuseppe Guarino, CEO of the Casale Group companies.