Fertilizerrecruitment.com: Visits from all over the world

Since October 1st 2013, the start of www.fertilizerrecruitment.com, we have seen a huge response from our visitors.

The following data shows the need of a fertilizer dedicated recruitment site with information about fertilizer manufacturers, process equipment companies, licensing firms etc etc. A combination of open positions/vacancies/jobs and news from all over the globe has led to the following impressive data:

  • average of 151 unique visitors of our website A DAY!
  • total of 8121 Page Views in 17 days
  • >200 applicants for the open positions
  • visitors from more than 40 countries
  • companies asking us to post a who is who on our website

Maybe a visual impression of the visitor map (of October 17th) is a better source indicating the need for a meeting place like www.fertilizerrecruitment.com

Visitor map capture