Training Service by Fertilizer Recruitment

Startup-, revamp, operator- and engineer training for the fertilizer industry (urea and ammonia)

Training for Startups, revamps or operations, especially for operators, engineers, technical staff and managers? 

Fertilizer Recruitment is currently investigating the possibility to deliver specialized training services for the fertilizer industry (especially urea and ammonia).

The last couple of years many clients asked us if our resources (specialists, managers and board members) services , recruitment and interim-management, could be expanded with specialized and indepth training of operators, engineers and (technical) managers, especially for the fertilizer industry.

As Fertilizer Recruitment is THE leading HR Service Provider and Recruitment Agency we provide resources to the ammonia/urea/phosphate fertilizer industry in particular and the (petro)chemical industry in general. Fertilizer Recruitment has been involved in the licensing, design, engineering, construction and/or start-up processes of multiple fertilizer plants worldwide, representing global fertilizer manufacturers, ammonia/urea licensors, process equipment manufacturers and service providers.

According our clients “A natural next step would be providing training towards sources and the personnel/staff of Fertilizer Recruitment’s clients.”

Clients who are building new fertilizer plants in areas with a lack of candidates with an operator-, engineer or technical manager profile can also enjoy the new training service of Fertilizer Recruitment. We can arrange a recruitment project in combination with our training service to attract candidates AND get them trained for the specific positions. As there is a shortage of experienced staff on several locations a success can only be achieved by combining the HR services of Fertilizer Recruitment.

To accomplish this new specialized training service Fertilizer Recruitment started investigating partnerships during the Nitrogen-Syngas 2014 in Paris and this had let to meetings with some companies and individuals. All known as leading specialists in their playing field!

In the next couple of months we will introduce our new training service in the fertilizer industry to our clients.

But, besides training service Fertilizer Recruitment will announce …….(to be continued)