Working in the Ammonia Industry. But, what is ammonia?

Because of its many uses, ammonia is one of the most highly produced inorganic chemicals. Dozens of chemical plants worldwide produce ammonia. The worldwide ammonia production in 2004 was 109 million metric tonnes. China produced 28.4% of the worldwide production (increasingly from coal as part of urea synthesis) followed by India with 8.6%, Russia with 8.4%, and the United States with 8.2%. About 80% or more of the ammonia produced is used for fertilizing agricultural crops.

As said Ammonia is the chief raw ingredient in the production of urea and is used in the manufacture of other fertiliser products. It may also be applied directly to moist soils to provide high nitrogen content for growing wheat, barley and oilseed rape. Besides its agricultural uses, ammonia is important as a raw material in a number of industrial applications, such as the manufacture of synthetic materials.

Looking for a job in the Ammonia Industry?

FertilizerRecruitment has strong ties with the ammonia industry and has spent the last 5 years specializing towards this specific industrial branch. Various vacancies in ammonia are available. We offer divers HR Services to our clients, like:

  • Actif Search (executive, management & specialists search & headhunting)
  • Support Interim (we offer freelance & temporary labour workforce – min. Bachelor degree)
  • HR-Legal Services (assist clients regarding labourcontracts, legal issues etc)
  • Smartflecs (managing temporary labour)
  • 1on1careercoaching
  • ScanTalents (assessments in 30 languages)
  • SafeArbo (risk management)
  • ImpactServices (assisting foreign employees with housing, immigration-legal issues)
  • LeanExcellence (assist clients towards Operational Excellence)

Positions at what level are available?

  • Plant Director
  • SHEQ Director
  • Sales manager
  • Manager Process Department
  • Manager Engineering Department
  • Process Specialist / Engineer (chemical engineering)
  • Mechanical Engineer (static & rotating)
  • Material Engineer (corrosion & material science)
  • Inspection Consultant (licensed/permit high pressure static equipment)
  • Process Control Engineer (advanced process control, DCS, MES)
  • Project Manager
  • Lean Consultant
  • Lean Project Manager

The ammonia based fertilizers are made by a long list of companies like:

JSC Grodno Azot Petrobras
Grodno Azot
Petrobras Agrium
Abu Qir Alexfert
Safco KSC
SAOC Agritech
Engro Fauji
Fertilizer Qafco
Sabic Fertil

To synthesize ammonia today many companies have attracted Ammonia Technology Licensors like:

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