Fertiberia – ecological transitions in the fertilizer industry

Grupo Fertiberia has generated new employment in the pandemic, increasing its workforce by 2%, reaching 1,546 professionals . “The agribusiness sector has shown high professionalism in responding to the challenge posed by Covid-19, and it has been confirmed once again that it is a resilient and stabilizing activity for the Spanish economy in the face of the crisis,” says Javier Goñi , president of Fertiberia.

Within the range of special products there are also the solutions that Grupo Fertiberia has developed so that the industry and the automotive industry can reduce their emissions, such as AdBlue in diesel vehicles. The creation of more valuable products has had a clear impact on its internationalization, since it already obtains 36% of its sales outside of Spain (two points more than in 2019) and is present in eighty countries.

Likewise, Grupo Fertiberia is going to take relevant steps in 2021 to lead the ecological transition in the fertilizer sector in Europe. Last year it sealed an alliance with Iberdrola to develop the largest industrial green hydrogen production project in Europe, the first phase of which will be operational at the end of this year in Puertollano. It will be in 2023 when a second phase will materialize in Palos de la Frontera (Huelva).

To accelerate the development of value-added products, in 2021 the Center for Agro-environmental Technologies (CTA) will also be strengthened , which coordinates the group’s innovation capacities by expanding the agreement with the University of Seville and strengthening ties with the 18 university and scientific centers. that the company maintains.