Azomures – Energy efficiency projects and modernization of the road and railway infrastructure

The modernization of the road and railway infrastructure is needed in order for the fertilizer deliveries to take place in optimal conditions. The company ended 2020 with a turnover of EUR 365 million lei, up 12% from the previous year.

Azomureş, one of the main producers of mineral fertilizers for agriculture, has ongoing investment projects to increase energy efficiency. “Energy efficiency projects are underway to achieve the objectives of the Green Deal, projects that aim to obtain new products and modernize fertilizer production facilities,” said representatives of Azomureş, the company that is also the largest consumer of gas in Romania. The plant consumes about 10% of the natural gas produced in Romania.

The investment budget for 2021 is EUR 15.8 million , and the plant started this year under good auspices, the premises for agriculture in Romania being positive.

European Commission Executive Vice-President, Frans Timmermans spoke on June 15th with Azomureș CEO, Harri Kiiski about the challenges of the Green Deal agreement for the European agricultural fertilizer industry. Harri Kiiski, chairman of the Agriculture Committee at the European Fertilizers Association, said that there are prerequisites for a special technological development with the transition to ammonia production with electricity as a source of raw material (compared to methane gas at the moment). Eliminating carbon emissions by storing them is also a challenge for the industry. The development of a new ammonia production process will not only allow the production of green fertilizers, but will also develop other sectors of the economy, such as maritime transport or the energy field.

The online meeting was also attended by CEOs of Europe’s leading fertilizer plants, who drew attention to the need to establish a responsible and predictable regulatory framework to implement the provisions of the Green Deal agreement for the chemical industry, in this case the fertilizer industry.

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