Who is Who: Fertial SPA Algeria

The jewel of the Algerian petrochemical industry, Fertial, is the outcome of a partnership concluded in August 2005 between the Algerian Group ASMIDAL and the Spanish Group GRUPO VILLAR MIR.

Fertial has two industrial sites in Annaba and Arzew. With KBR and Johnson Mattey technology the two sites have an annual production capacity of:

  • 990.000 metric tons of ammonia
  • 330.000 metric tons compound fertilizers
  • 280.000 metric tons of superphosphate straight fertilizer
  • 580.000 metric tons granulated ammonium nitrate and calcium ammonium nitrate
  • 24.000 metric tons of urea ammonium nitrate

With a 74% export Fertial is a leader in the Mediterranean Sea and second in the Arab world after Saudi Arabia.

The Annaba industrial complex is spread on a 103 hectares land, employing more than 650 employees. The Arzew industrial complex is spread over 54 hectares and employs over 570 employees.

In the industrial and Human Resources strategy Fertial puts safety first. Training of the collaborators, quality and respect of environment are also given a tremendous importance. One of the main activities for the next couple of years will be the High Potential program to train the local employees for specialist and management positions at Fertial.

In the next 3 years Fertial will invest hunderds of million USD in both locations after investments of more than USD 200 millions since 2005.

Fertial 2