Nitrogen Syngas 2016 – you will miss Fertilizer Recruitment this year!

Next week, starting on Feburary 29th, the Nitrogen+Syngas 2016 will start in Berlin, Germany.

Fertilizer Recruitment, exhibitor for several years, will not be present at the 2016 edition of this industry leading technical event where global companies announce new technological developments and discuss improvements in operating procedures.

The Nitrogen+Syngas conference is all about gaining knowledge, expanding networks, sharing ideas/thoughts and enjoy camaraderie with business relations and friends. So why will we not be present??

Because we are busy with a lot of our relations we have obtained during the N+S conferences and have developed into clients. It’s all about making decisions between having a splendid time with our relations at the conference or fulfilling our task by solving urgent recruitment & HR issues at our clients…….

Fertilizer Recruitment is the leading HR Service Provider and Recruitment Agency and provides resources to the ammonia/urea/fertilizer industry in particular and the (petro)chemical industry in general. FertilizerRecruitment has been involved in the licensing, design, engineering, construction and/or start-up processes of multiple fertilizer plants worldwide, representing global fertilizer manufacturers, ammonia/urea licensors, process equipment manufacturers and service providers.

Have a splendid Nitrogen+Syngas 2016 conference and enjoy the business that will return to your company, just like us!