Maire Tecnimont / Stamicarbon announces execution two fertilizer plants in Russia

Maire Tecnimont S.p.A. announces that its main operating company Tecnimont S.p.A. has signed contracts for the execution of the Engineering Works for two fertilizer plants in Russia, as well as an agreement for EPC direct negotiation for one of the two plants. The owners of the plants will be subsidiaries of EuroChem Mineral and Chemical Company, a leading global agrochemical company, producing primarily nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers, as well as certain organic synthesis products and iron ore with activities spanning from mining and natural gas extraction to fertilizer production, logistics, and distribution.

The first facility is an ammonia plant with a capacity of 2,700 MTPD (metric tons per day) based on KBR technology, and related Utilities and Offsites, in the industrial site of Kingisepp, Saint Petersburg region. The scope of work includes the engineering packages developed by the Licensor as well as the adaptation work to be performed by a qualified Russian Design Institute who will act as a subcontractor to Tecnimont. Additionally Tecnimont was also nominated by EuroChem as preferred bidder for the direct negotiation of the EPC contract for the Kingisepp plant whose main terms and conditions have already been agreed between the parties.
The second facility is an ammonia plant with a capacity of 2,700 MTPD based on KBR technology, a granular urea plant with a capacity of 3,500 MTPD based on Stamicarbon technology (Maire Tecnimont Group’s leading technology provider) and related Utilities and Offsites in the industrial site of Nevinnomyssk, Stavropol region. For this second facility engineering works are already effective, the scope of work being similar to the one of the Kingisepp plant.

The total value of the Engineering Works already effective as of today is equal to approximately €30 million.
The Projects shall be realized by Tecnimont in cooperation with Chemoproject Nitrogen of the Czech Republic as nominated subcontractor. Chemoproject has numerous references of realized projects in prilled and granulated urea based on Stamicarbon process. Chemoproject, member of Safichem Group AG, is the strongest Czech engineering company realizing EPC projects in the field of Nitrogen Chemistry.
Such agreements pave the way for industrial long-term cooperation with a prestigious client like EuroChem, best positioning Maire Tecnimont Group for future investments of EuroChem in Russia and abroad. These contracts consolidate Maire Tecnimont Group’s track record in the strategic fertilizer sector, in the roles both of Press Release n. 01 – 20.01.2014

EPC contractor and Technology Provider. They represent one more success story in the very long tradition of the Group’s presence in Russia, which began with the Ammonia plant built by Montecatini, predecessor of Maire Tecnimont, in Gorlovka in 1933. Such initiative confirms the focus on an early involvement in client largescale investment decisions as well as the Group’s strategy in technology-driven business and selective EPC approach on core business and consolidated geographies.

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