ICL Iberia and CERA 4in1 breakthrough in cross-recognition of sustainability certification

The CERA4in1 initiative and ICL Iberia – with the support of CONFEDEM – can announce a major breakthrough in the cross-recognition of raw materials sustainability certification. The announcement follows pilot project results at ICL Iberia’s Súria & Sallent potash mine and its Súria processing plant near Barcelona, Spain. It is a development that will provide smaller domestic producers with a clear route to meeting the sustainability requirements of international markets.

As part of the recertification process of Súria & Sallent under the UNE 22470/22480 standard, the UNE Standard requirements were evaluated and successfully transferred to meet the majority of the performance criteria within CERA4in1’s internationally recognised standard.

Read the full article here: https://www.cera4in1.org/fileadmin/user_upload/Redakteure/05_MediaInfos/MediaPack/C41_PREL_Harmonization_ICL_FINAL.pdf