Looking for a job in the Fertilizer Industry?

The European Fertilizer market is expected to grow to €15.3 billion by 2018 and on global scale the increased food demand is visible by new projects and start-ups of new plants.

FertilizerRecruitment is the leading HR Service Provider and Recruitment Agency and provides resources to the ammonia/urea/fertilizer industry in particular and the (petro)chemical industry in general. FertilizerRecruitment has been involved in the licensing, design, engineering, construction and/or start-up processes of multiple fertilizer plants worldwide, representing global fertilizer manufacturers, ammonia/urea licensors, process equipment manufacturers and service providers.

FertilizerRecruitment mediates professionals with at least 3 years work experience, specialists with more than 20 years experience , middle management, senior management and executives.

Some examples of positions fulfilled by Fertilizer Recruitment:

  • SHEQ Director
  • Plant Director
  • Sales manager
  • Manager Process Department
  • Manager Engineering Department
  • Process Specialist / Engineer (chemical engineering)
  • Mechanical Engineer (static & rotating)
  • Material Engineer (corrosion & material science)
  • Inspection Consultant (licensed/permit high pressure static equipment)
  • Process Control Engineer (advanced process control, DCS, MES)
  • Project Manager
  • Lean Consultant


How to apply for a job in the Fertilizer Industry?

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