Engineering Services for CF Industries provided by CDI

End of October CDI announced that it will provide engineering design services for the large-scale expansion of CF Industries nitrogen fertilizer complex at Donaldsonville, Louisiana, and Port Neal, Iowa. The value of the award to CDI is approximately $15 million.

CF Industries is constructing new ammonia and urea/UAN plants at its Donaldsonville complex and new ammonia and urea plants at the Port Neal plant complex. In combination, these two new facilities will be able to produce 2.1 million tons of gross ammonia per year and upgraded products ranging from 2.0 to 2.7 million tons of granular urea per year and up to 1.8 million tons of UAN 32 percent solution per year, depending on choice of product mix.

At the Donaldsonville site, CDI is providing engineering services for a new river water clarifier and demineralized water system, ammonia storage tank and flare, UAN tank, regenerative thermal oxidizer, substation/motor control center, interconnecting pipe racks, and all associated civil, piping, electrical and instrumentation.

At the Port Neal site, CDI is providing engineering and procurement services for a water treating facility, two new ammonia storage tanks and all civil site development activities.