Azomures announces the completion of the works under the partial technical turnaround

Azomures announces the completion of the works under the partial technical turnaround and the begining of the process of restarting the installations, implicitly the resumption of fertilizer production to normal capacities in extreme sanitary conditions caused by the Coronavirus epidemic.

Started a month ago, on the 1st of March 2020, the partial technical review involved carrying out the usual maintenance works of the installations, carrying out scheduled investments and special works to reduce the environmental noise during the operation of the installations.

“We managed to do everything we set out to do, and the works were executed safely and at a high quality level. We are beginning to restart the installations and I think we will successfully surpass this stage. We entered the maintainance forced by the very high price for the main raw material, methane gas, and in the process we were challenged to adopt extraordinary solutions because of the Coronavirus epidemic.

From this point of view it was a very challenging stage and I thank all those who were involved, Azomures employees and third party companies’ employees. We are confident that we will be able to continue the activity, despite the current difficult conditions. We want to continue to be a support for our employees, but also for farmers, who need fertilizers for their crops, implicitly a financial contributor to the state budget that now has a great need for resources”, said Harri Kiiski, Azomures’ General Manager.

Due to the Coronavirus epidemic we are have started to scan body temperatures for arriving and departing employees. All recommendations for limiting the outbreak of the Coronavirus issued by WHO and the national authorities are in place. A significant percent of the administration personnel is working from home in order to assure the health security of key processes: purchasing, HR, sales, accounting, finance, communications. So far, no cases of Corinavirus COVID-19 infection were reported on
the Azomures platform.

According to the technical characteristics of the equipment on the platform, during the start-up activities of some installations, there may be situations where the ambiental noise level is higher for short periods of time.
Azomures, being the main fertilizer supplier for Romanian agriculture, remains constant in the commitments it has made towards the whole community regarding the protection of the environment, respecting the norms and laws in force, and at the same time it is and will be a standard of professionalism, a significant pillar in the local as well as the national economy.

Azomures’ Press Office