And the winners are…….

During the CRU’s Nitrogen-Syngas 2015 conference in Istanbul, Fertilizer Recruitment had a competition for a free tailor made Function Profile Assessment for 3 visitors of the conference.

All business cards were collected and we asked an independent hostess of the Hilton Bomonti Hotel to draw three business cards.

The winners of the Fertilizer Recruitment Function Profile Assessment are:

  • Luca Bianchi of Casale
  • Huug Bischoff of Stamicarbon
  • Egemen Orucoglu of Bagfas

The three winners will receive a message with all information to attend the assessment. After completing the assessment they will get an indepth personal report in a language of choice.

Usually assessment-tests are used for screening of candidates and coaching of employees at our clients. The validated tests are available worldwide in over 30 languages (for the same price without additional costs for multilingual reports).

  • We are able to make a short or extensive analysis of your personnel based on several characteristics, properties and skills which are important in order to acquire a clear image of the functioning and potential of your staff or team.
  • We can perform tests on an individual level but also on a department level and even for the entire organisation.
  • The result will make a positive contribution to your strategic human resource management.
  • We¬†support companies and individuals with guidance and coaching by means of a customised career coaching program.