Vacancy Project Manager / Team Leader (Not vacant anymore)

Experience & qualifications

Experience: Minimum 25 years
Qualifications: Engineering and MBA degree from a reputed institution.

An Engineer with minimum of 20 years’ experience in the oil & gas, petrochemical, with specific experience in managing mega projects pertaining to Ammonia Urea Complexes. Working experience with legislations & procedures within the Western culture. Having experience in a number of managerial positions including general management production management, project management, process design management, environmental management, training management and management of major studies.
Also experience in process control, and process modeling; financial analysis, due diligence, takeover/merger and privatization studies; environmental policy, management and assessment, pollution abatement, effluent & waste disposal, socio-economic analysis, energy policy and planning, risk analysis and HAZOP, cumulative and societal risk, emergency planning and management, shall be required for the position.

Job intent
 To manage the Project with the aim of remaining within the agreed Budget, Schedule for completion, Statement of Requirements and HSE governing rules of the Company.
 To develop and implement a project organization using Company as well as PMC personnel to ensure smooth project development and technical coordination.
 To define the authority and responsibility of each member of the project management team. To establish and manage a team which is highly motivated and works diligently to meet Statement of Requirements.
 To ensure safe working practices are carried out within the project team and the various contractors.
 To keep Divisional Manager (and Partners as required) informed regarding ongoing project status.
 To obtain the internal (validation committee, TSC,PSC,BAC,BOARD) and external approvals.
 To prepare Contract/Purchase Order Plan in accordance with Project Plan, and negotiate Contracts/Purchase Orders in accordance with Contract/Purchase Order Plan.
 To define the Contractual policy.
 To monitor and control Contractors’ achievements in accordance with Contractual requirements in areas such as safety, technical requirements, cost control, planning etc.
 To maintain constructive relationship with Partners and Contractors

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