Vacancy Plant Manager (Ammonia – Methanol) (Not vacant anymore)

For OCI near Beaumont (Texas, United States) we are searching for a


A manager with experience in a chemical plant or refinery

OCI Beaumont LLC manufactures Methanol and Ammonia. They have been in full operation since July of last year.  They are a non-union facility. OCI Beaumont has  endeavored to staff the plant with experienced salary and wage roll personnel in order to minimize the amount of training required and to facilitate a timely, safe startup.  Previous experience, directly related to Methanol / Ammonia manufacturing – or very similar processes, is essential in this  position. OCI Beaumont has achieved a successful startup and established a stable plant operation. They are now entering a phase of their evolution in which a focus on operating disciple built around related policies, procedures, practices and supportive management systems is vitally important.  This position will be instrumental in their success.

Job description

It is a new position for the organization.

The Plant Manager will report to the General Manager.  He/she will be responsible for managing the Maintenance and Engineering, Operations, Process Engineering, Purchasing and SHE functions and the respective Department Managers will report to the Plant Manager.  There are 27 people in Maintenance / Engineering, 40 people in Operations, 2 people in Process Engineering, 2 people in purchasing, and 5 people in SHE.

Besides the tactical point of this position it’s also a “hands on” position. The Plant Manager will be responsible for developing and instituting operating procedures and practices, establishing appropriate metrics and management systems, developing training programs for operators and mechanics, and a host of other similar rudimentary tasks consistent with a startup facility.


The ideal Plant Manager candidate will have been a plant manager in a chemical plant or refinery for at least 5 years.  He/she will have experience as a process engineer in a chemical plant or refinery, preferably a Methanol / Ammonia plant.  He/she will be experienced with SAP, PSM, and OSHA.  We are pursuing a VPP status with OSHA and this will be a large effort over the next two years in which the Plant Manager will play a leading role.