HSEQ Manager Egypt – Cairo – Egypt


Challenging International position for an experienced HSEQ manager from the oil & gas / petrochemical industry.

At our client in Egypt we have an open position for an experienced HSEQ manager to provide effective HSSEQ services to the clients refinery and areas, and to oversee the development of the refinery HSSEQ programs.


Our client is the largest Operation and Maintenance Management company in Egypt and North-Africa. They manage the operation and maintenance of the clients’ refinery facilities located in Cairo. In total our client has 2175 employees and has 45 million hours of labor activities at clients plants.


The main purpose of the position is to provide effective HSSEQ services to the refinery and areas and to oversee the development of the refinery HSSEQ programs

In this position you will have a direct report to the Refinery Manager and there will be at least 6 reports to the HSEQ Manager.

Other responsibilities:

Responsibility 1- Oversee the implementation of the refinery health, safety, security, environment,and quality management system.

1.1 Ensure relevant legislation and regulations are identified and in effect.

1.2 Ensure relevant legislation and regulations are identified and taken into account.

1.3 Ensure the Safety Management System Manual is maintained and regularly reviewed.

1.4 Ensure that refinery (process) hazard analysis (PHA/Hazop) is updated at appropriate intervals.

1.5 Ensure work procedures and work instructions are prepared as per applicable management system.

1.6 Ensure HSE training requirements are identified for all parts of organization.

Responsibility 2 – Promote a positive health, safety and quality culture

2.1 Ensure accidents and incidents are correctly reported and investigations are unbiased

2.2 Enlist senior management support for HSEQ initiatives.

2.3 Promote HSE awareness during routine inspections and investigations as well as during special campaigns.

2.4 Promote HSE awareness during routine inspections and investigations.

Responsibility 3 – Planned HSEQ services

3.1 Prepare annual plan for deployment of Health, Safety and Environment resources.

3.2 Gain the approval for recruitment (when necessary) and initiate the relevant company procedures.

3.3 Initiate the update of HSE procedures as per plan.

Responsibility 4 – Cost Control of HSE services

4.1 Prepare and gain approval for annual budgets covering operational and capital expenditure for HSE services

4.2 Monitor the expenditure on a monthly basis and take corrective action where needed.

Responsibility 5 – Performance monitoring

5.1 Review performance of HSEQ services and identify training needs and alternative working practices.

5.2 Audit HSE procedures as per plan.

5.3 Actively get performance related feedback on HSE teams work.

5.4 Formulate plans to correct HSEQ related variances.

Responsibility 6 – Organize the Project Team

6.1 Regularly as required, prepare plans for manpower, materials, services and other resources to meet contractual requirements

6.2 Prepare, and agree with the client, operational and capital expenditure for all aspects of the Refinery to meet planned requirements during the mobilisation phase.

6.3 Initiate the recruitment of personnel for key project positions and approve remit and assignment details

6.4 Closely monitor project progress and take timely action to correct deficiencies

Responsibility 7 – Motivate and Develop Competence of Refinery personnel

7.1 Oversee the monitoring, by relevant managers, of the competence of all HSE staff positions

7.2 Support and encourage HSE personnel to achieve agreed objectives

Responsibility 8 – Maintain liaisons with HSE inspectorate and local Fire, safety and environment services.

8.1 Identify key individual offices and maintain regular contact

8.2 Ensure that applicable legislatives and related documentation is identified and available to to all concerned refinery personnel.

Responsibility 9 – Emergency Response Management

9.1 Ensure that assessment of potential emergency situations, accidents and the potential impacts is periodically conducted.

9.2 Ensure that emergency response and crisis management plans are in place for each facility, is updated and are understood by those affected.

9.3 Ensure that the resources necessary to respond to emergency situations are defined, available, ready to use and periodically tested.

9.4 Ensure the relative roles, responsibilities and capabilities of Eprom, contractors and emergency response agencies are understood and incorporated into emergency response plans

Responsibility 10 – Initiate and control measures to meet HSE and welfare needs of all personnel.

10.1 Ensure all personnel under his control are familiar with HSE requirements affecting them.

10.2 Audit compliance with HSE regulations periodically and take corrective actions.

10.3 Implement company procedures regarding welfare of personnel.


  • Minimum qualification is a bachelor’s degree in engineering or equivalent.
  • Experience in Oil and Gas Industry.
  • Certification in NEBOSH, IOSH or equivalent.
  • 18 years in a similar role in a refinery, naphtacracker or other oil & gas related plant.
  • Excellent communication skills in English; a notion of the Arabic language would be ideal


The position of HSEQ Manager will be at the clients’ refinery in Cairo Egypt and will be a stint of 3 years (at first)


If you have questions or want to discuss the position please contact Erwin Amesz on +31 46 460 00 00, amesz@fertilizerrecruitment.com