About us

Fertilizer Recruitment has an excellent track-record in process & chemical recruitment. Our practice is well supported by our consultants who are highly experienced in recruiting for senior positions including chair, chief executive, non-executive and director-level roles. We also have a proven expertise in recruiting high-standard professionals for technical/specialist and middle management roles.

As genuine specialists in fertilizer recruitment, our consultants have an indepth professional network that worldwide spans a diverse range of fertilizer manufacturers, technology licensors, process equipment manufacturers, maintenance/turnaround service providers as other supporting companies.

The headquarters of Fertilizer Recruitment are located in the very heart of the (chemical) industrial area in the southern part  of the Netherlands.

From our headquarters we offer our HR services throughout the entire world.

We have successfully fulfilled projects, high-end tasks and search activities in the following regions

Fertilizer Recruitment Jobs


  • Europe: Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Greece, UK
  • Middle East: Egypt, Iran, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia
  • South Asia: India, Pakistan, Indonesia
  • Africa: Libya, Morocco, Algeria, South Africa
  • North America: United States, Canada
  • South America: Trinidad & Tobago, Brazil, Argentina
  • Australia/Oceania: Australia, New Zealand


Most of our clients are active on a global scale. Our candidates and related network encircle the globe.

Due to our specific expertise and knowledge (all of our consultants and recruiters, active in the chemical & fertilizer industry, have a chemical engineering background complemented with a mechanical, electrical and process control knowledge/education).

Fertilizer Recruitment invests in fertilizer related network events like Nitrogen-Syngas, organised by CRU. We also investigate the possibilities of training start-up/revamp- or operation-crews for international clients.




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